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A Micro-Moment? As in a shift to mobile

It is no secret that mobile phones have dramatically become a really important part of our lives as according to reports, the consumers look at phones for 1,500 times a week on average and this means a user spends 177 minutes on her/his mobile every day. This has obviously created a fundamental change in the paradigms of media consumption and digital marketing etc. Due to this ever evolving mobile eco system, there are millions of interactions that have to be done instantly as people need to learn the implications of this rising mobile landscape on the public expectations and attitude.

In terms of advertising, it is all about discoverability and relevance of exploring the possibilities that how, when and where to connect people in order to get the desired outcomes. There are several moments of discovery that are mobile centered, which have recently become the new and strong background for marketing, so Google refers them as “micro moments”.

So first let us understand what exactly are micro moments?

Micro moments are those moments, which occur when consumers turn to a device to act on a need – to do something, learn something, watch something, buy something or discover something. These moments are incredibly productive and intent rich, due to which, the consumers’ expectations are exceeded as they weave the simultaneous scenarios together, allowing the consumers to multi task on their way. Our smartphones are the really powerful computers in our pockets that are now training us to expect the brands to deliver what exactly we need and when do we need it. We want the right things right away.

Examples of Micro Moments:

Here we are discussing some of the Google’s Micro Moments-in-action in terms of Google’s data and research, evaluating their influence on marketing decision making:

Evaluation of Purchase Decisions:

Due to the fact that the consumers have their mobiles in hands at almost all times, which means that they can instantly search or compare the good quality products and this implicates the brands, whose products are sold in physical locations. Google has stated that 1 out of 3 online consumers buy more expensive products in the physical stores if they are significant and effective. This is the reason why the online marketers have to win these moments by providing the relevant information, like product reviews or testimonials etc.

Solution of Problems:

Google has found that the consumers are likely to purchase the products in the unexpected places like in cars, kitchens or washrooms. This is because when something goes wrong or they may need certain things, they usually pick up their phones to take action. In order to solve the problems in-the-moment, marketers have to make the user experience and shopping process easy for the consumer, so that the consumers do not have to go through the painless checkout process.

Pursuit of Big Goals:

It is a common point of view that buying a large purchase needs the research of the dedicated time in one go. However, it is actually conducted in the small moments of the day, like during the lunchtime or waiting in the queue.