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“NETFLIX: Creative digital video for your entertainment”


The name Netflix is not new for most of you. It provides hundreds of movies,TV shows and documentaries which can be streamed on your television, mobile phone or computer. The word streaming refers to the fact that television and movie video files can be watched as they are being loaded. Thus you do not have to wait for its complete download before you can begin watching. This is a favorite among users. In the case of television, you must wait until your shows are aired by their original networks, typically up to a year from season to season.With the help of Netflix, users can watch their favorite shows & movies anywhere, anytime without the hassle of recording them or waiting on their release.

Netflix is a creative and innovative tool to watch on demand shows irrespective of the place you are.The only requirement is an internet connection, either private or public, so that videos can be easily streamed from Netflix on;

  • Tablets such as android and iPad
  • Smartphones such as android and iPhone
  • Computers such as Mac, laptop and desktop etc
  • Smart TVs
  • Gaming consoles such as Xbox and Play station
  • Ruku media player

netflixThe best thing about Netflix is that you can enjoy such shows without any worry in regard to place and time. You can be enjoying coffee at a coffee shop, or maybe in some waiting area. You can watch Netflix videos easily on your mobile for entertaining yourself anytime, anywhere.


Via Netflix you do not need to wait for new episodes of your favorite shows each week and can enjoy watching back to back seasons all at once. Entire seasons of episodes are released by Netflix simultaneously, thus your curiosity is satisfied in one evening or weekend. To enjoy all this, a Netflix subscription is required which enables users to access original series of Netflix. These are television series which are available only via Netflix and not other channels via satellite or regular cable providers, expanding your entertainment options.Original Netflix sitcoms and series have proven to be quite popular and noteworthy, going on to win awards in the entertainment genre.


  • The cost is substantially less than cable. Subscription is per month and can be cancelled at any time.
  • Instant access to one of the largest streaming libraries available today enabling you to enjoy a vastly large number of TV shows and movies.
  • Multi-platform availability which allows users to watch their shows & movies whenever and wherever
  • Updated weekly with new movies and shows are added to accommodate the interest of viewers
  • Offers original award winning programming
  • The option to create a personalized custom line up in the form of a queue for each individual having access to the account or as a family
  • Recommendations are shown to users as per their history on Netflix
  • Commercial free zone which lets you watch shows without any interruptions

The fun of using Netflix are many fold. There are no ads which are unbearable while watching your favorite shows. A surprising number of popular television networks have partnered with Netflix to air current programming but most intriguingly, sitcoms, series and movies of the past that have created many of our fondest memories of the entertainment world.

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