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The Cult-Hit for Designers, Engineers and Consumers.

Consumers around the world will be appreciating the capabilities of wireless more than ever. Our culture of technology has paved the way for bringing wireless into our very own living rooms an easy choice. New cultures of technology are constantly on the rise and are quickly eliminating, for example, the necessity for the once had-to-have cable TV. Most likely, at first, you will be turning to the big hitters such as Amazon Prime, Roku, Apple TV and sources of real time sports. Despite the demand for live sports streaming by cord cutting consumers, its availability continues to be hard to come by. The need for more efficient multifaceted usability is being pushed by the global number of wireless active connected devices, which will far outnumber the Intercontinental population, soaring to 50 billion active devices by 2020.


There are 4 key technologies and their original purpose have been harnessed to criss-cross each other and give us even more everything while simultaneously becoming affordable. Already the names we know and trust have been using these Technologies to tap into fascinating abilities.

These 4 Technologies are:

  1. Microprocessors
  2. Sensors
  3. Data Bases
  4. Wireless Connectivity

Zipcar, an online car rental company, uses all four of these at once. You may have not even heard of Zipcar yet. Soon you will be able to rent a car for a week or even just an hour with one swipe of a membership card of which you receive once you make a car rental reservation. There is no human interaction involved. A sensor inside the car will transmit your information for verification. Once verified, instantly your reservation will be confirmed and just as quickly as that the doors will automatically unlock by remote command from a GPS satellite. On a domestic scale, Nike Plus, Microsoft, Kinect, Wii and the ever popular Apple iPhone are where most of us will witness the growth of wireless technology in real time. The graphic and design component to all of this adds to the interest of its vast capabilities. Attraction and advertisement in all categories have been made simple, fun and effective.

Resources made available to web designers are infiltrated by highly creative methods bringing to the table more eye-catching advertisement through impressive and inspiring visuals. Consumers and developers both love this. One example of today’s wireless visual advances is the introduction of holographic imaging right in the palm of your hand. This is up and coming in the digital gaming sector. Wireless creativity is just as important as wireless technology even if only to make its experience optimally pleasant in regards to our senses. In whatever capacity you bring the digital age into your life, you can plan on success and satisfaction. Closing the gap between time, space and gratification is on its way to complete perfection.