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Throughout the history of dimensional entertainment, the general population has always, and will always be mesmerized and fascinated by its habit of invoking our senses. Mostly we still refer to this multidimensional entertainment as 3D. But it doesn’t end there. 4D, 5D and 6D are inundating entertainment with highly evolved visuals and experiences. Even in its earliest stages of 1 and 2D, crowds came from miles just to get a peek. This tradition continues now bringing in even larger crowds on a daily basis for the sake of New Age realism.

nwimwk.jpgEven in the workplace we crave entertainment. Somehow, it keeps us focused and happy. The elimination of boardism is becoming crucial. Almost unknowingly, in our efforts, we have taken sharing our lives to a high tech level. In turn, this surpasses the following of a trend into just “the way it is”. The integration of our personal lives with the ones we allow into it, are being fulfilled in many different ways. Here are just some of those ways:

  • Sharing family photos and videos on and between various devices
  • The fun exchange of videos and visuals that tap into to our personalities, such as GIFs or JIBJAB
  • Tutorials of every kind to aid us in our daily lives
  • Events note-worthy worthy of suggestion to our friends and families
  • Snippets of knowledge readily at your hand
  • Practically unlimited television movie and music favorites that are easy to share.

Imagine being able to do most of this in 3D from your cell phone. The time is now! Its development and marketing is being cultivated to blow your mind, and it will. With this in mind, how do we top ourselves? By making it simple. Simplicity has become an assumed requirement when once it was considered only a luxury. Filmography will never be the same. Spanning worldwide, 3D has made serious headway into our homes for private use and relentlessly lures us in with its fun and mysterious ways. Soon there will not even be a need for the ever iconic 3D glasses. They have already become a favorite for collectors and antique vendors.

On to other dimensions, 4D, 5D and 6D. Surprisingly these are already out and about. In 2003, Disney, Six Flags and Busch Gardens all have attracted patrons with their mind blowing experiences. One highly qualified example is Universal Studios Shrek 4D attraction. It truly is fun meets adventure. Shrek 4D puts you into the movie concepts as closely as can be by combining 3D imagery with movement, smells (dubed Smell-O-Vision), coupled seamlessly with sensations such as being sneezed upon or spiders tickling your feet. First time ride goers often leave shaking their heads in wonderment and are anxious to find the next multidimensional experience offered by the park. Same goes for Universal Studios E.T. and Men in Black attractions.

Theme parks aren’t the only ones. Others using multidimensional technology are Canon 5D, McCarthy’s Visual Construction and Design and United Rentals. As expected, much more is on the way. YouTube offers follow-along tutorials on how to turn your cellphone into a movie projector or free floating holographic images using just a few items you already have in your home. Children will view this as the norm. Try to stay right on top of it if you can. Multi-dimensional entertainment is at our fingertips and there is much more to come.