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“And The Geek Goes On”

What are Geeks besides brilliant interesting and adorable? They are fashion, they are future and there’s no stopping them. We all love having Geeks in our lives. The way they glide through technology makes us trust and need them. Intuitively Geeks have created their own culture, adopted their own style and capitalized on their smarts. Without a doubt we are more and more impressed by them all the time. Their uniqueness and new found era is undeniable and intriguing. Guy Geeks have made it into the chic category. Geeks3Girl Geeks now have a certain sex appeal. Fashion is on the side of them both. They have even made it into Vogue magazine, who promises to forgive us for not knowing the year 2015 was a ‘ palindrome in binary’. Now, some of us try to look like Geeks on purpose. Their fashion trends will make you secretly wish to be one of them. Here are some Chic Geek fashion tips:

  • SWEATERS. Hardly ever a jacket unless necessary. Either the sweater vest or the cardigan will do. Offbeat patterns and interesting color combinations are welcomed but crazy ties are a no. A bow tie if you are in the mood for one and can fashionably get away with it.
  • SHOULDER BAGS, SATCHELS AND OFFICE CHIC BACKPACKS. These have overcome the common briefcase. Preferably leather or heavy canvas coupled with a personal uniqueness and most definitely it must be highly functional. Geeks enjoy splurging on this type of accessories including cases and covers for all of their other various devices and gadgets.
  • SHOES AND SOCKS. Funky socks are a must for some Geeks but not for all of them. At the very least the argyle type will suffice. The newest shoe trend for office Geeks and for the casual Geek is the classic high top by Converse in any solid color. Regular leather office shoes are just as good.
  • GLASSES. Even if only as a second pair, consider the retro nerd glasses that are now back in style. Be sure to choose the ones that also fit your personality. Combine fashion and fun anyway you want just by adding glasses as an accessory even if you don’t even need glasses in the first place.
  • BOOKS AND DECOR. Rule number one, always carry a book. This makes anyone look smart. Geeks like all kinds of books from nonfiction to sci-fi to mind-boggling coffee table books. In their home offices and professional work spaces you will often see tech magazines, software manuals, classic gadgets like the Rubik’s Cube and maybe a few gaming figurines. Multiple desktop screens remain the star of any Geeks desk. This enables Geeks to work, game, toy with social media and much more all at once.

It is a given fact that they are smart. You will find their career paths and education to be impressive. No matter how private or public their schooling might be, Geeks excel. Early in life they are drawn to jobs with technical or academic properties. Places like Barnes and Noble perhaps, or Best Buy. Anything to satisfy a Geeks overpowering instinct to learn. After that it is on to success. They mature to become professors, doctors, engineers and masters of technology. At this level they become the mentors and protege they were always meant to be.

Geeks Society can appear to be strictly business, but Geeks aren’t all business by far. They have their own conventions, their own world of web hangouts, web blogs, gaming bars and even their own Geek apps. For fun you can check out slashdot.com and nerdtests.com. One of Geeks favorite hangouts is Nintendo World of New York which is a museum of vintage games, displays vintage equipment and has all the classic arcade games. There is also Geek Bar Beta of Chicago, Illinois. They are proud to offer patrons a massive media library, gaming of every kind, great beers and gourmet food. Even Disney has gotten involved with its D23 Expo held in Southern California since 2009. The largest ever Geek convention is Gen Con out of Indianapolis. Here you can find and play every game known to man. Gen Con brings in Geeks and Non-Geeks alike at 60,000 participants each and every year.

Geeks have become endearingly iconic and even sexy. We have seen a shift in their confidence and style that inspires us to want to be more like them. Besides they’re brilliance, they kindly come to our aid when we need them. Their personalities and intelligent way of life are a positive example for all of us. The age of Geek-ism is beginning in our children at younger and younger ages and influencing the middle aged want-to-be Geeks into living the full on lifestyle. Geeks of the past may make you think of Pee wee Herman or Albert Einstein. But today who can resist Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Attorney J. Cochran from the hit TV show Survivor ,who’s diligent research brought him an instant 1 million dollars, and David Morgan of Web Designers Journal. Be a Geek, love a Geek or just look like one and your social and fashion game will stay on point.